Client satisfaction is my ultimate goal! I have always been service oriented and I have a track record of being a high performer through out my career. You can read the testimonials from my previous bosses, clients, colleagues and team mates from the time I started as a trainee in Perth International Arts festival to my latest project at PANDORA.

Peter Cabello Holmberg, Global CIO, PANDORA

 "Saji also displayed a very competent approach to stakeholder management leading to seamless implementations of bigger organizational changes. For example, she planned and orchestrated specific and detailed communications plans for major changes like rolling out the new Service Desk and IT infrastructure with our new partner globally.  The roll-out went live in a controlled manner where all stakeholders were informed and risk involved with organizational change was mitigated via Saji’s contribution."

Jens Skov, Marketing Director, Jyske Bank, Denmark

"I have known and worked together with Sajita for more than five years. I know her as a very loyal and hard working employee that made sure the tasks were done in time at the right quality. Always smiling and positive - bringing good energy into a cooperation with other colleagues. I can only give Sajita my best recommendations."

Biru Moorthi, VP Technology & Innovation, PlatCOM, Malaysia

"I have known Saji during my tenure in BT. She is a hard-working individual who knows how to get the job done quickly and effectively. She works well as a team player and can function as a leader when required. She has always exhibited good communication skills and gets along well with staff and customers. It was a pleasure working with Saji and I believe she would be an asset to any team!"

Neal Greenspan, CCO, Perfect your Pitch, Målmo

"She is an incredibly professional speaker and communicator. She knows how to deliver compelling speeches and effective presentations that take into account the end goal of the occasion. Her ability to make difficult choices and come out on the other side moving forward is also something to be admired.I do not take it lightly to offer this recommendation and saying that I would offer it for whatever role she had her mind set on. Because once she has her mind set on a goal, there is only one outcome... Success."

Jacob Jensen, Alumni Relations Manager, Aarhus University, Denmark

“Saji helped take care of the daily correspondence with alumni, maintenance of our member database and she has written articles for our newsletters. In addition, she also worked on a number of independent projects where she has planned and prepared various communication and marketing campaigns and made presentations to different audiences.
Saji’s understanding of many different cultures has been very useful in many of these tasks. I have always been proud to let Saji represent ASB Alumni, because she is a very outgoing person, always smiling and with a friendly, welcoming attitude. For the same reason I have been happy to have Saji as a part of my team, and I give her my warmest recommendations.”

Marcia Mangadi, Director, Limkokwing University, Botswana

“Sajita Nair is a vivacious, well organised, forcused and ambitious young lady,who is able to work under pressure with people from all walks of life. Saji’s love for people, trascends all boundaries, making her a global citizen, with amazing talents that enable her to work anywhere in the world.
Her attention to details, and result oriented nature makes her the right ambassador for any organisation. I highly recommend Sajita Nair as she is definately an asset to any prospective employer”

Zahir Kassam, International Advisor, DeVry University, USA

“I have known Saji during my studies at Limkokwing University. At that time she was the most proactive and goal oriented marketing manager on the university campus. After I started working, I could witness her drive to achieve result within deadlines and she could handle all managerial assignments while multitasking. I am sure she can be a great asset to many organizations with this mindset.”

Peter Taliangis, National Marketing Manager, Perth International Arts Festival, Australia

“Saji is a natural. She has a great understanding of marketing and public relations. She is equipped with a remarkable ability to switch from strategic to simplistic. Saji was a delight to have on the team and her contribution was invaluable. If you get the chance to employ Saji it will be of great benefit to your business.”